I'm Stephanie and I'll help you solve the website-marketing puzzle.

I created my first online business in 2007, and it taught me how much I didn't know...

It's not enough to build a great website. You have to know how to get web traffic and gain customers.

So when I had the chance to work in a digital marketing office, I absorbed information like a sponge. Over the next 5 years I learned from several big name experts, tested hundreds of tactics, and built multiple million dollar funnels.

Now I've spent over 10 years in digital marketing. Pretty much if you name it, I've done some of it. Everything from Affiliates to Zapier integrations.

I founded True North Creative to help entrepreneurs and small businesses to be able to crack the code and finally have digital marketing that works.

Getting work done fast is important, but getting it done it right is 10X more valuable.

Get Clarity & Get Results

Every design project is unique, but one thing is true about every project: The best work stems from excellent communication and clarity of purpose

When I take on a new project, I'm committing to several key things:

  • Providing amazing customer service so you are happy with the work
  • Ensuring that the work is strategically sound so you can meet and exceed your goals
  • Ensuring that the work is implemented well so you can continue moving forward

Here's what some of our partners have to say...

Suzy Cohen, pharmacist & author


For years I had various different websites, but none of them fit my personality and they were often glitchy. In the early years, I had to pay a small fortune just to alter one little section and it would take weeks. Then I found Stephanie! She exceeded all expectations! She captured my personality. She listened and made me the best website I have ever had! She did it on time. I am so happy with the results. Most of all, my site functions well, it never goes down and it delivers more people to my products.

Jen Adams, Copywriter at American Writers & Artists Inc.

For web pages and graphics that look great and work flawlessly, Steph is who you need. I love her ability to take a concept, bring it to life, and make it work brilliantly. If you need high-quality design work done, I can't recommend her enough, and look forward to our next chance to work together.

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